Great Write Up for One of Our Favourite Cafes

​A great write-up in Broadsheet Melbourne for one of our favourite Bentleigh cafes, The Owl and the Baker.  Well done to Andrea and her team!  Ever wondered how they came about their name?

According to biblical legend, Jesus Christ went into a bakery to ask for something to eat. The baker's wife put a cake in the oven for him. When her daughter reduced the quantity by half, she was transformed into an owl as punishment. 

No girls were harmed in the making of this cafe, but the generous hospitality at the Owl and the Baker serves as a tribute to the moral of the story. The food is inspired by owner Andrea Brook's travels around the Middle East. Fresh Turkish bread, preserved lemon, feta and turmeric syrup are key features on the menu. 

The warm breakfast salad of Tuscan kale, asparagus, avocado, black sesame seeds and puffed quinoa with a poached egg is one of the more popular dishes. 

The interior continues the Middle Eastern theme. Handmade tiles are assembled in a mosaic around the base of the front counter. Deli items such as pomegranate molasses and Egyptian dukkah are displayed for purchase. Housemade pastries, such as spinach-and-cheese gozleme and cardamom-infused hot-cross buns, are easy choices if you're eating on the go. 

Coffee comes from Five Senses, and there's a modest range of alcohol to drink in or take home.

Read the article here:

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