Butchers have always been known for their 'gift of the gab', sense of humour and ability to brighten their customer's day. This has to be why after 25 years, Sengsokkhieng Butcher shop in Centre Road Bentleigh keeps adding new customers whilst never losing the long time regulars.

Owner, Kenny La completed his apprenticeship in Sydney. His brother, sister and brother in law all worked as butchers, so he decided to move to Melbourne. Clayton was his first workplace, but he was determined to test his business skills and in 1992 opened his iconic family butcher shop at 419 Centre Road.

Supplying top quality meats, Kenny and his team have built a loyal customer base and moving with market demand, Kenny has recently added a tantalising range of spicy sauces and marinades as well as providing pre-prepared marinated favourites.

Kenny and the team greet you the minute you walk through the door. They excitedly offer their latest culinary creations and offer a variety of amazing in season specials. But it's the jokes, smiles and genuine interest in their customers that make it a true delight to shop at Sengsokkhieng Butchers.

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